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I’m a software engineer from Denmark specializing in multimedia technology. I provide software development and consulting services for multimedia software; such as

  • Integration services for Inochi2D to engines of your choice
  • Game Engine development work
  • Game tooling development work
  • Game development and porting work
  • General software development work

I additionally take corporate sponsorships for Inochi2D through my company Kitsunebi Games for accounting purposes.

This page functions both as my blog and my portfolio, created via go hugo.

My Company

CVR: 44 19 73 75



Programming Languages

  • C# (11 years)
  • C++ (5 years)
  • C (5 years)
  • Python (11 years)
  • DLang (5 years)

Engines and Toolkits

  • Unity
  • Godot
  • XNA/MonoGame/FNA
  • OpenGL (+ ES)
  • Vulkan
  • WebGPU
  • Dreamcast PVR


  • Inochi2D
    I am the lead developer of Inochi2D and have an intimate understanding of its structure and tools and can adapt it to the needs of your game production pipeline. With Inochi2D I maintain Inochi Creator and Inochi Session, which uses ImGui for UI rendering.
    Inochi2D Unity is a Unity port and integration of Inochi2D which I am working on.


  • Game Engines & Tooling
    I have a relatively big portfolio of custom made game engines on my personal GitHub account, I additionally have contributed to engines such as ZyeWare.
    I also contribute and maintain various game development related libraries, such as inmath and audio-formats.


  • DKOS
    DKOS is a SDK for the SEGA Dreamcast using D, binding to the open source KallistOS.
    DKOS allows you to develop games for the SEGA Dreamcast that can run on real hardware using CD-ROMs.



  • Dead Pets Unleashed (Triple Topping, prior)
    As an intern I developed tools for analytics and gameplay for Dead Pets Unleashed using C# and Unity.
    I also developed some smaller gameplay components and have experience with Wwise and Unity’s audio engine.
    • I additionally have helped with providing input on getting Triple Topping’s other games running smoothly on Linux/Steam Deck.


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